Our Facilities

Our warehouse is located in the center of the Midlands, which some call the logistics golden triangle, close to the M5. We currently have over 130,000 square feet dedicated to long and short-term storage however we will be looking to expand with new warehouses shortly under construction at our Pershore site between the two existing buildings. Our sites are fully covered by intruder and fire alarm systems with over 200 CCTV cameras inside and outside of the buildings. Whites can offer a full range of support services including container stuffing and de-stuffing, order fulfillment, stock rotation, single box to full load consignments, stock control and more listed below.

Pick & Pack

Pick-and-packing is provided as part of our comprehensive warehouse solutions. Our experienced team can handle all aspects, from inventory management to order fulfilment. Designed to meet the needs of today’s manufacturers, online retailers, and distance sellers, leave the stock control, pick, pack, and despatch to us whilst you look after sales. In reverse White Logistics & Storage can receive shipments in bulk and then sort, inspect, re-package, label or palletise to our customer’s requirements. We use advanced technology to ensure accuracy and efficiency, allowing our dedicated team to ensure that orders are processed and shipped out promptly. Whether you need a one-time service or ongoing support, Whites are here to help streamline your warehouse operations, with experience in many sectors such as; Retail, Automotive, Print, and Food Packaging.

We are very happy with the service of White Logistics.  1. customer service is very efficient, and any query is sorted on the spot. 2. Transport services are very good and excellent. 3. Warehouse and storage service is very good.  Excellent service especially from Zofia. All the staff I have dealt with are very polite and good.  Overall, we are very happy with the services

Operation & Finance Manager - Holy Cow

Vijay Shah

“We have been partnering with White Logistics for 6 months now, to help us with our raw material supply into our Redditch Factory. We decided to start working with Whites due to the positive can-do attitude displayed by all, from the very first meeting, along with Whites' ambitions to develop and grow in the future. Whites have integrated into our operation seamlessly and are already helping us become more efficient and cost-effective.”

Supply Chain Manager - Star Brands

Ian Mattock

Palletised Storage

Equipped with a palletised storage system to provide efficient, organised storage solutions for our customers, our system allows for easy tracking and retrieval of pallets, ensuring that your goods are stored safely and securely. Additionally, our storage facility is equipped with state-of-the-art security systems to provide you with peace of mind knowing that your goods are protected. Whether you need short-term or long-term storage, we are here to provide reliable and cost-effective palletised storage solutions.

Oversized Storage

Whites offers oversized storage options for businesses with unique storage requirements. Our oversized storage facilities are equipped with the necessary space and equipment to accommodate large and bulky items, such as machinery. We understand that these items require special handling and care, which is why our team consists of professionals who are trained in handling and storing such items.

Cross Dock

Our warehouse can accommodate cross-docking services. Cross-docking is a logistics strategy that involves unloading goods from incoming trucks and loading them directly onto outbound trucks, without storing them in a warehouse. This allows for a faster and more efficient transfer of goods, reducing the time and cost associated with traditional warehousing. Our experienced team and modern facilities are fully equipped to handle cross-docking.

Container Debunking

We offer container debunking services. Container debunking is the process of unloading goods from shipping containers and transferring them to a truck or other mode of transportation for further delivery. Our team and modern facilities are fully equipped to handle container debunking operations of all sizes, ensuring that your goods are transferred seamlessly and arrive at their destination on time.

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Horticultural Transhipment

Here at White Logistics and Storage we offer a bespoke Danish trolley transhipment area that currently handles 1000’s of trolleys per week throughout the peak season. This 17,000sq ft area of our warehouse facility includes a dedicated team of Danish trolley handlers with 20 years of experience. Danish trollies have been an integral part of the White Logistics business since 2005 and we have been assisting our customers with storage and distribution solutions for nearly two decades. Whether it’s a rose to Rhyl or a delphinium to Derby, we’ve got it covered.