HGV Truck 1

White Logistics is committed to driving sustainable initiatives that decrease our carbon footprint both directly within our own operation and indirectly within our extended network of customers and subcontractors.

Our modern fleet of vehicles are all equipped with the highest EURO VI standard engines and are planned for optimum mileage efficiency, cutting ‘empty’ miles to a minimum. In addition to this, all of our drivers monitor their Microlise Driver Score to ensure they are driving in the most efficient way possible via green-band driving, low idling, and steady braking and acceleration.

To further optimise our environmental efficiency, we employ other methods such as longer semi-trailers, false decks, and double-deck trailers in an effort to reduce the number of vehicles we need on the road to meet our customers’ demands.

As we look to the future, White Logistics will be again at the forefront of available vehicle technology and will explore the latest developments in alternative fuels, hybrid, and full electric vehicles. To this end Whites are going to take part in hydrogen truck trials with truck manufacturer HVS.


“HVS are proud to be supporting White Logistics & Storage Ltd on their journey to decarbonise their fleet. Whites understand the net zero challenge facing the heavy commercial vehicle sector and appreciate the only practical way to achieve their zero emission goals for heavy & long-haul HGV operation is to adopt hydrogen as the vehicle’s main energy source.”

                             – Karen Preston, HVS Sales and Marketing Director