Just in time supply chain management is crucial for the production industry. Space within a production facility is utilised for production rather than warehousing. We received a request for a solution to enable our customer to keep their lines running 24 hours, 7 days per week without holding more stock than required.

“Our first contact was for a one-off emergency. White’s stepped in and delivered on time at a fair price. Since then, we’ve set up a daily milk run. The service has again been exemplary. White’s is a safe pair of hands with 24/7 telephone support, delivering exactly what they promise with minimum fuss.”

                                   –         Jeremy Walton, Golden Foods (Europe) Ltd

By working with our client, we now have a process in place that enables them to call back any of their in-stock products using four allotted transport time slots throughout the day, whilst offering additional transport if and when required.

Due to the nature of our client’s business, there are times when plans are in place to receive a particular product, but there can be instances where circumstances dictate that a different product should be transported in its place. We ensure that we have the right systems in place to enable us to be flexible towards these requests and ultimately keep busy productions lines flowing.