It’s no secret that our industry is heavily dominated by freight loaded onto and distributed on pallets. Pallets come in all shapes and sizes and are the favoured shipping containers for thousands of businesses, but they aren’t suitable for everyone. Plenty of our customers ship their freight on trolleys and in stillages, but some dispatch freight that can’t make use of these traditional packing methods.


We ship excavator buckets and hitches every day to all parts of the UK and abroad from our huge stocks in the West Midlands.  Our customers rely on having access to the best equipment in the quickest timeframe so pairing with Whites Transport has been a great asset to our business.

                                                                – Caroline Worth, Stricklands


One such customer services the construction industry by manufacturing a wide range of plumbing and heating products, that range from small items up to pipe coils that can be over two metres in diameter. As we offer a wide range of groupage solutions, we often consolidate freight for optimum efficiency, we needed to find a solution as to how we could protect these coils when loading alongside other freight.

Pallets, stillages, and trollies didn’t cut it, so we had to think outside the box. That’s when our brilliant warehouse team stepped in and designed wooden cradles to hold and protect the freight. These cradles are made weekly, to-size, and have allowed us to offer our customer the utmost flexibility in delivery options whilst ensuring the absolute security of their freight.