The carriage of delicate freight at times needs creative solutions. One example of which being the transportation of aluminium profiles for the door and window industry – these are principally 6-metre-long lengths of high-value materials that need to be transported in metal stillages. Due to the needs of the manufacturers and the requirement to always get the empty stillages returned, our custom

It’s no secret that our industry is heavily dominated by freight loaded onto and distributed on pallets. Pallets come in all shapes and sizes and are the favoured shipping containers for thousands of businesses, but they aren’t suitable for everyone. Plenty of our customers ship their freight on trolleys and in stillages, but some dispatch freight that can’t make use of these traditional pac

Just in time supply chain management is crucial for the production industry. Space within a production facility is utilised for production rather than warehousing. We received a request for a solution to enable our customer to keep their lines running 24 hours, 7 days per week without holding more stock than required.